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Digital Mailroom for Insurance

Streamline insurance operations and accelerate document intake with AI-driven digital mailroom services.

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Why Digital Mailroom?

Digital mailroom solutions automate the document-intensive processes involved in the insurance industry, from quote management to policy admin and claims processing.

Automate the ingestion, distribution, and processing of documents with the Ondox digital mailroom solution and achieve faster end-to-end document processing.

Improve customer experience

Reduce response times

Cut operational costs

Ensure security and compliance

Meet green goals

Improve efficiency and accuracy

Simplify document intake

Standardize and simplify the processing of incoming documents, whether originating as paper, email attachments, or portal uploads, so that insurance professionals can quickly receive, locate, review, share, and process vital information. Centralize all incoming documents in a secure, digital repository.

Improve productivity

Eliminate time-consuming manual tasks, including sorting, data entry, and routing of incoming documents, so that insurance teams can focus on higher-value tasks. Forward documents to colleagues and add notes to support effective collaboration.

Case management for quotes, admin and claims

Gather and store documents in folders

Consolidate and easily access in a designated case folder all relevant documents and information related to a specific quote, policy, or claim. View documents together, add notes, and collaborate with colleagues to complete work more effectively.

Manage case team permissions

Allocate teams to cases so team members automatically receive relevant documents. Manage team member permissions for document processing, so review, approval, and other tasks are clearly separated.

Enhance security and compliance

Control document access

Allow document access only to appropriately permitted people. Ensure transparency and accountability with comprehensive recording of all actions taken with any documents. Automatically generate full audit trails of all document interactions and data changes.

Manage information security

Replace error-prone and unsafe paper-based processing with secure digital mail flows. Prevent accidental or fraudulent document distribution. Replace risky scan-to-email and forward-by-email practices with safe and efficient communication in a controlled environment.

What our customers say

Our traditional mailroom simply could not meet the needs of our increasingly remote or hybrid teams. Ondox solved that problem and transformed our mailroom operations.
Facilities Manager, Financial Services Leader
The Ondox digital mailroom solution has helped us drive digital transformation across the supply chain.
IT Director, Transportation Leader
Ondox has delivered digital transformation to our customer interactions, across multiple use cases and business units.
Transformation, Global Asset Manager
For our highly distributed office network and our large workforce of hybrid and at-home workers, Ondox is an invaluable mail processing and distribution solution.
Director of Facilities and Operations, Telco Leader
Inbound paper-based documents used to slow down the work of many of our teams. Now the Ondox digital mailroom gets documents faster to case team members and we can serve constituents better.
Director of Social Programs, Government Agency
The team behind Ondox worked as an extension of our team from the outset. Their agility, product knowledge, and professional approach were instrumental in achieving our goals.
BPO Client Transformation Executive, SPS Global


Yes. While many organizations initially use digital mailroom solutions to digitize incoming paper mail for distribution throughout the organization, they often add incoming email to the solution too. For example, documents sent to an email address such as can be automatically processed by the digital mailroom application. Documents attached to the email are immediately distributed to the relevant team and, if appropriate, digital case folder. Organizations save time, effort, and cost by utilizing a single multi-channel digital mailroom solution that feeds documents to the right teams irrespective of how the document arrived into the organization.

Yes, digital mailrooms play a pivotal role in automating and streamlining insurance claims processing. These solutions use advanced optical character recognition (OCR) and data extraction technologies to capture and categorize relevant information from incoming documents, including claims forms, accident reports, and policyholder correspondence.

By automating these tasks and directing documents to the right team and digital case folder, digital mailrooms reduce manual data entry, minimize errors, and expedite the entire claims process.

Insurance professionals can access digitized documents promptly, improving the accuracy and efficiency of their decision-making. Mailroom automation not only accelerates claims assessment and adjudication but also enhances customer service, reducing the time policyholders must wait for resolution.


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