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Case Study

Global insurer digitizes document processing for business continuity

Global Insurer

Leading global multi-line insurer providing property & casualty and life insurance products and services in over 200 countries.

7 days

project duration, start to finish


at-home workers served in 600+ teams


of documents securely processed

Within one week of project initiation this global insurer went live with an Ondox digital mailroom solution, rapidly switching physical operations to digital document processing in midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Meeting an urgent need to supply inbound documents to ~2,000 at-home workers in over 600 teams, the cloud-based digital mailroom solution integrates to corporate identity authorization systems to enforce corporate security standards while ensuring ease of access.


  • Urgently accelerate 2-year digitization program in 1 week
  • Enable 2,000+ staff for home working
  • Securely deliver inbound documents to anyone, anywhere


  • Homeworkers receive, view, process, and share incoming documents remotely
  • Secure and instant access to inbound documents allows rapid turnaround
  • Fast, simple implementation without disruption to business processes


  • Go-live in 7 days
  • Operational resilience and business continuity for WFH/flexible workforce
  • Reduction in the time & cost to receive customer documents

Business Drivers





This global insurer urgently needed to digitalize its document processing operations, within days.

The alternative was a damaging drop in its ability to serve customers because inbound documents could not be quickly and reliably received and processed by workers. Business continuity dictated that policy applications, proofs of address and identity, accident reports, etc. had to be converted from physical to digital form and distributed to the insurer’s staff for processing, whether in-office or working remotely.

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