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Ondox 5.1 Release Announcement

Ondox is the #1 digital mailroom solution, applying AI to set the industry standard for innovation and customer success. The 5.1 release introduces new capabilities that integrate the mailroom and connect the enterprise. 

Ondox 5.1 Release Highlights

Event-driven Integration

Drive digital transformation by automating the connection between mail processing and business processing. Connect your mailroom automatically via the new Ondox Service Bus Connection and accelerate processing in 3rd party or in-house systems. Ondox 5.1 integrates the mailroom, connects the enterprise and cuts time, effort and error from core business processes.

Transfer Documents between Organizations

Do you need to connect mailroom operations and transfer documents between different entities, jurisdictions or geographies? Ondox 5.1 creates automatic linkage so your teams can transfer a document that is received in one organization but is needed in a different organization. Reduce delay, effort and loss by equipping people to transfer documents across organizations, in a few simple clicks. 

Support Mailroom Retention Policies

To minimize storage costs and support shredding policies, Ondox 5.1 now supports mailroom retention policies by automating communication and implementation. Ondox now allows each mailroom to specify a retention period and make that visible to mail recipients so that, for example, a “hold for pickup” request must be made within the retention period.

In-App Help Extensions

Help mailroom operatives and mail recipients be more productive with powerful In-App help, available while using your Ondox digital mailroom solution. Ondox 5.1 complements its context-sensitive help by adding powerful side-bar access to help on any Ondox capability. For administrator users of Ondox, full In-App on Ondox Owner Management System (OMS) is now also available in Ondox 5.1. 

Revolutionize your Mailroom with AI

Ondox is AI-driven digital mailroom software that accelerates the distribution and processing of incoming documents. Contact us to learn more and book a free demonstration. 

New to Digital Mailrooms?

Get up to speed fast with our helpful Insight on ‘What is a Digital Mailroom?’, or contact us for an initial exploratory conversation.  

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Digital mailroom software is a tool that automates the processing of incoming physical mail and documents within organizations. It scans, categorizes, and routes mail digitally, using OCR technology to extract text and automate workflows.

This software integrates with existing systems, ensuring security and compliance while providing analytics for optimization. Ultimately, it streamlines mail handling, improving efficiency and reducing manual intervention.

A digital mailroom solution is implemented by first assessing the organization’s current mail handling processes and identifying areas for improvement. Then, a suitable digital mailroom software provider is chosen based on the organization’s needs and budget. The selected provider assists in customizing the software to fit specific requirements, including integration with existing systems and workflow automation.

Necessary hardware, such as scanners and document management software, is acquired if needed. Staff members are trained on how to effectively use the new digital mailroom system, and ongoing support and maintenance are ensured. Throughout the implementation process, close monitoring and gathering of user feedback enable necessary adjustments to optimize efficiency and effectiveness.


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