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Digital Mailroom for Financial Services

Respond faster to customers, improve efficiency, and support remote teams with an AI-driven digital mailroom solution.

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Why Digital Mailroom?

Digital Mailroom transforms your whole company, not just your mailroom.

Speed and efficiency distinguish the most successful financial services organizations. Rapid and accurate processing of inbound documents cuts turnaround times, improves efficiency, reduces risk, and improves customer experience in key processes including onboarding, KYC processing, and loan processing.

Respond faster to customers

Increase team productivity

Ensure security & compliance

Cut costs of operation

green goals

Digitize and distribute all inbound mail at speed

Route automatically to the correct person or team

Distribute based on document type, index data, information automatically extracted, and business rules. Route mail to in-office or remote teams.

Paper and other mail in a single digital inbox

Digital mailroom software for transactional business mail, correspondence, and return mail. Process mail from any channel – paper mail, email, mobile device submissions, branch office scans, or portal uploads.

Control document security

Route only to authorized recipients

Control permissions and distribution lists with ease. Prevent accidental or fraudulent document sharing.

Protect sensitive documents and data

Restrict access and visibility to only permissioned teams and individuals. Automate a full audit trail of document interactions and data changes.

Digital transformation for mail-driven business processes

Accelerate work across Financial Services teams

Remove latency from onboarding/KYC, loan processing, credit applications, and mortgage processing thru mailroom automation.

Prioritize urgent mail items

Ensure no urgent document is missed by leveraging AI-driven document recognition, data extraction, and auto-forwarding. Apply SLAs to drive on-time processing.

What our customers say

Ondox has delivered digital transformation to our customer interactions, across multiple use cases and business units.
Transformation, Global Asset Manager
Our traditional mailroom simply could not meet the needs of our increasingly remote or hybrid teams. Ondox solved that problem and transformed our mailroom operations.
Facilities Manager, Financial Services Leader
For inbound paper mail and email attachments, Ondox automates document processing and provides digital access to all our teams. That digital transformation helps us respond faster to customers and cut time and cost from operations.
VP Digital Services, Insurance Leader
The Ondox digital mailroom solution has helped us drive digital transformation across the supply chain.
IT Director, Transportation Leader
For our highly distributed office network and our large workforce of hybrid and at-home workers, Ondox is an invaluable mail processing and distribution solution.
Director of Facilities and Operations, Telco Leader
Inbound paper-based documents used to slow down the work of many of our teams. Now the Ondox digital mailroom gets documents faster to case team members and we can serve constituents better.
Director of Social Programs, Government Agency
The team behind Ondox worked as an extension of our team from the outset. Their agility, product knowledge, and professional approach were instrumental in achieving our goals.
BPO Client Transformation Executive, SPS Global


Digital mailrooms are very secure, unlike old-fashioned physical mailrooms. Mailroom automation immediately digitizes inbound documents and stores them behind secure firewalls. Digitized mail is then distributed safely, reaching only permissioned people. Digital mail cannot be sent by mistake or fraudulently to unauthorized recipients. Digital mailroom software enforces enterprise-grade security to manage the risk of documents being lost, damaged, stolen, or copied. And for non-paper mail, such as incoming email attachments, a digital mailroom provides a more secure means of document intake and routing than email distribution.

Digital mailroom solutions can be configured to protect sensitive data and support compliance to the standards set by your Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). By encrypting data when at rest and in transit, employing granular access permissions, and automating the generation of detailed audit trails, digital mailroom solutions provide a range of data protection tools that independently and in combination provide robust protection for sensitive data. By leveraging these protections a digital mailroom solution supports your work to ensure compliance to data protection requirements, including GDPR, CCPA, and similar regulations.


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