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Case Study

Reinsurer distributes inbound mail digitally across the global enterprise

Reinsurance Leader

From 60+ offices worldwide this global reinsurer’s team of 3,000+ employees provide expertise in risk transfer, reinsurance broking, capital solutions, strategic advisory, and analytics services.


Inbound documents processed annually


types of documents in digital workflows


of inbound document are email attachments

For this global reinsurance company, Ondox digital mailroom ingests and delivers 400,000+ documents per year to 1,000’s of employees in 100+ teams in North and South America and EMEA. Documents processed are critical to core business processes and include Excess of Loss claims and billing documents, commission statements, contract setup documents, letters of credit, and client correspondence. Documents arrive as email attachments or as paper mail scanned in company mailrooms. Related documents are intelligently grouped together by Ondox’s in-built case management capability and insightful analytics of mailroom operations are provided to managers.


  • Consistency of processing & reporting
  • Slow, error-prone paper-based mail handling and flow
  • Too little transparency, security, and speed in inbound mail handling


  • Email attachments and scanned mail consolidated in a single digital mailroom, consistently processed
  • Automated routing to teams and client case folders
  • Single Sign On (SSO) via okta


  • Faster response to clients
  • Client documents gathered and held together in digital folders
  • Rapid flow of documents into and through the organization

Business Drivers





Ondox delivers the ease-of-use that enabled this global organization to deploy its digital mailroom solution quickly across multiple geographies and teams.

The intuitive interface for mail recipients and mailroom teams enabled fast adoption – no major training or change management program was required. The solution integrates to the organization’s security systems and leverages single sign-on (SSO) to allow simple and fast mail ingestion, distribution and processing while maintaining enterprise-scale security. For operations teams and mailroom managers, the solution’s reporting capabilities deliver transparency and oversight not previously available.

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