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Digital Mailroom for the Enterprise

Increase productivity, cut costs, and accelerate business processes for the enterprise with AI-driven digital mailroom services.

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Why Digital Mailroom?

Automate document workflow and transform your entire enterprise with the Ondox digital mailroom solution.

Improve the efficiency and reliability of document distribution and enhance organizational productivity and document handling.

Reduce processing times

Ensure security and compliance

Cut operational costs

Accelerate digital transformation

Meet green goals

Distribute documents quickly to the correct individuals and teams

Auto-route based on document information

Classify documents and assign routing riles to ensure that documents reach their intended recipients promptly. Enable the efficient routing of documents and eliminate manual efforts and potential errors in the distribution process.

Provide clear visibility of document ownership and interactions

Gain real-time visibility if document ownership and interactions to ensure that no document is left unattended, reducing the risk of overlooked tasks. Enhance accountability by recording all interactions with each documents, including when it was accessed, modified, or shared.

Track document and data changes automatically

Maintain audit trails of document interactions

Track and record all interactions with documents and data through the maintenance of comprehensive audit trails. Reconstruct the history of document-related activities for detailed audits and investigations.

Generate complete record of data changes

Register any alterations or modifications made to the content of documents, including changes in text, metadata, or any other data associated with the document. Maintain data integrity and security while ensuring that any unauthorized or accidental data alterations are easily detected and addressed.

Manage document lifecycle

Manage retention periods, disposition and archiving rules

Ensure that documents are retained for the necessary duration based on legal, compliance, or organizational requirements to ensure that documents are neither kept for too long nor disposed of prematurely, reducing legal and compliance risks.

Ensure automatic deletion or export

Automatically delete documents that have reached the end of their retention period or, when necessary, export them to long-term archives. Maintain an organized document repository and ensure that documents are handled in a compliant manner.

What our customers say

Customer correspondence and supporting documents now get reliably and quickly to the right team. Ondox helps us triage the most important cases and engage the best people to help.
VP Service Operations
For inbound paper mail and email attachments, Ondox automates document processing and provides digital access to all our teams. That digital transformation helps us respond faster to customers and cut time and cost from operations.
VP Digital Services, Insurance Leader
The Ondox digital mailroom solution has helped us drive digital transformation across the supply chain.
IT Director, Transportation Leader
Ondox has delivered digital transformation to our customer interactions, across multiple use cases and business units.
Transformation, Global Asset Manager
For our highly distributed office network and our large workforce of hybrid and at-home workers, Ondox is an invaluable mail processing and distribution solution.
Director of Facilities and Operations, Telco Leader
Inbound paper-based documents used to slow down the work of many of our teams. Now the Ondox digital mailroom gets documents faster to case team members and we can serve constituents better.
Director of Social Programs, Government Agency
The team behind Ondox worked as an extension of our team from the outset. Their agility, product knowledge, and professional approach were instrumental in achieving our goals.
BPO Client Transformation Executive, SPS Global


Digital mailroom services are a valuable asset for businesses, offering a host of benefits. These services streamline the management of physical and digital mail and communications, converting physical documents into digital formats for easier access and organization. Automation within digital mailrooms reduces manual processing tasks, leading to faster response times and heightened productivity.

Additionally, these services prioritize document and data security, implementing stringent access controls and encryption measures to safeguard sensitive business information. By enhancing efficiency and reducing paper-related expenses, such as printing and storage costs, digital mailroom services deliver cost-saving advantages. Their flexibility and scalability empower businesses to adapt to changing document volumes and evolving needs.

The mailroom process refers to the systematic procedures and workflows that an organization follows to receive, sort, distribute, and manage incoming mail and communications. This process typically begins with the collection of physical mail and parcels from postal services or courier companies.

Upon receipt, mailroom staff sort and categorize the incoming items based on their destination or department within the organization. They may also handle digital communications like emails and electronic documents.

Once sorted, the mail is distributed to the relevant recipients, which can include various departments, employees, or individuals. The process often involves the use of technology and software tools to streamline these tasks, ensuring efficient document handling and tracking.

The goal is to manage incoming communications effectively, reducing delays, enhancing organization-wide communication, and ensuring that important documents reach the right individuals or departments promptly.


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