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Finding your Digital Mailroom Solution

In the world of digital assistants, RPA used to reign supreme, revolutionizing routine tasks and boosting productivity.

Digital mailrooms act as a catalyst, ushering in a new era by digitizing incoming documents and eliminating the labor-intensive manual sorting and physical transportation involved in traditional mailrooms.

Furthermore, digital mailrooms boost productivity, enable rapid customer responses and strengthen information security.

But how can you ensure your digital mailroom solution is tailor-made for your organization?

Scan to Email: What you Need to Know

Scan to email is a commonly used but risky way of digitizing paper documents…

Understanding ESG Goals for your Company

The UN has reported that action to mitigate the risks of climate change must…

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) – What’s Next?

The demand for IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) software is surging. While estimates vary, most…

Featured Department

Management Service Provider

Learn how the Ondox digital mailroom solution has propelled SPS into the digital era, in this remarkable case study.

SPS is a leading provider of business process outsourcing and innovative document management services. In order to sustain business growth, their 7,500 strong workforce that process 1.3b documents annually, required a robust and cost-effective solution.

The fully hosted and managed cloud-based digital mailroom solution provided by Ondox ensured seamless flexibility and scalability. Through the Ondox digital mailroom solution, SPS has been transformed into a resilient digital information hub.

Explore how Ondox is shaping the future of business and join us on this journey toward a more agile and digitally driven world.

Case Study

Telecoms Leader

The company needed to electronically distribute USPS mail and scannable documents to thousands of employees…
Case Study

Multi-line Insurer

This multi-line insurer switched to digital claims services to support customers more seamlessly…
Case Study

Online Retailer

Operating in multiple countries and languages, this Online Retailer implemented Ondox digital mailroom…

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