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Digital Mailroom Revolutionized with AI

AI-driven digital mailroom software that accelerates the distribution and processing of incoming documents.

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Expedite all customer-related business processes by accurately and efficiently digitizing, routing, and distributing incoming mail to the teams and individuals who need it. Use Ondox for intra-office mail too, so mail moves faster and more securely into and throughout the organisation. Enable your people with quick access to vital documents so they can respond more promptly to customer needs in business processes driven by inbound documents, including customer onboarding, financial administration, claims, incident management, service provision, case management, and more.

Reduce time spent sorting and routing incoming documents, whether it’s physical mail, email attachments, portal uploads or inbound faxes. Eliminate errors caused by manual mail handling and simplify quick action by mailroom teams in response to rescan, re-route, hold for pick up, and other requests from mail recipients. Enable mail recipients to rapidly process all inbound documents with simple-to-use, prebuilt productivity tools. Empower your workforce and transform its capacity to process documents. Fast-track mail processing and liberate team time for additional high-value tasks.

Reduce manual labour, decrease document storage requirements, minimize physical document transportation, cut paper, and lower costs. By standardizing and automating mailroom operations and streamlining the distribution and processing of all incoming documents, the Ondox digital mailroom solution lowers costs of operation across the whole enterprise, not only in the mailroom.
Replace error-prone and unsafe paper-based and email-based document processing with secure digital mail flows. Provide access only to authorized people and prevent accidental or fraudulent distribution to anyone else. Replace risky scan-to-email and forward-by-email practices with safe and efficient communication in a controlled environment. Reduce the risk of financial and reputational loss with a digital mailroom solution developed with ISO discipline and deliverable in compliance to SOC2 and other standards.
Ondox digital mailroom solutions support eco-friendly practices by reducing paper consumption and carbon footprint. Ondox radically reduces paper flow, enables paper shredding to be done sooner, and helps reduce the energy impact of paper storage and transportation. But it’s not all about paper. By delivering documents digitally to anyone who needs them, wherever they are, Ondox helps reduce the carbon footprint of commuters newly enabled for remote working.
Respond Faster to Customers
Increase Team Productivity
Cut Costs of Operation
Ensure Security and Compliance
Meet Sustainability Goals

Ready to Revolutionize your Mailroom?

Book a demo today to see Ondox in action and discover how our AI-driven digital mailroom solution can transform your mailroom operations.

During the demo, our experts will:

Showcase key features tailored to your business needs

Demonstrate the ease of use and seamless integration

Highlight cost-saving and efficiency benefits

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your mailroom productivity and security.

Choose your Deployment

Ondox digital mailroom solutions are available in a choice of deployment settings created to meet different business and IT priorities. Contact us to discuss your needs and preferences.


Deploy Ondox in your infrastructure of choice. Maintain full control and responsibility for infrastructure and policy.


Access the benefits of Ondox without investing in infrastructure ownership and maintenance.

Software as a Service

Access the benefits of Ondox in a secure and segregated infrastructure shared with other Ondox customers.

BPO Partner

Outsource your mailroom operations to a BPO partner whose service incorporates Ondox digital mailroom software.

Trusted by Leading Organizations

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For this global reinsurance company, Ondox digital mailroom ingests and delivers 400,000+…
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Logistics Leader

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