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Case Study

Telecoms leader delivers mail digitally to 16,000 home/hybrid workers

Telecoms leader

This telecoms industry leader provides voice, data and video services and solutions through a workforce of over 100,000+ people.


at-home and hybrid workers served


US-wide office implement digital mail


pages processed per year

The company needed to electronically distribute USPS mail and scannable documents to thousands of employees assigned to work from home or on a hybrid schedule following changes in working practice initially driven by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The digital mailroom solution ensures that time-sensitive mail is quickly and securely delivered to employees, enabling them to complete their work without delay. Working with an Ondox BPO partner, the company utilizes five digital mail hubs across the U.S., each hub receiving the mail physically and scanning mail items into the digital mail solution where mail is sorted and processed for distribution to the correct team or individual. Employees can easily access and process documents via a browser-based, secure digital mail portal and quickly forward to colleagues if needed.


  • Distribute USPS mail and scannable documents to home and hybrid workers
  • Securely control sensitive mail and data
  • Cut costs of distribution and tracking


  • 5 digital mail hubs serve US-wide teams
  • Route to correct team or individual based on mail class, department, and envelope markings
  • Secure mail portal provides access, forwarding, and mail flow tracking


  • Fast, efficient, cost-effective mail delivery to WFH/Hybrid workers
  • Eliminates flow of paper beyond core mailrooms
  • New transparency, control and security of mail distribution and management

Business Drivers





This telecoms leader wanted to digitalize its mailroom operations to improve the resilience of its business and to serve customers more efficiently.

The risk and inefficiency of manual mail processing led senior executives to seek a solution that could securely manage sensitive mail with clear accountability and transparency. As homeworking became normal for many employees, the company needed to implement a system that ensured business correspondence and other documents were securely held and protected, even when being processed by at-home employees. The digital mailroom solution meets these needs and delivers cost savings and controls not previously available.

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