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Digital Mailroom for Customer Services

Elevate the efficiency of customer services with AI-driven digital mailroom services.

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Why Digital Mailroom?

Digital mailroom solutions improve customer satisfaction by improving the efficiency and reliability of customer service processes.

Accelerate and secure the flow of incoming documents with the Ondox digital mailroom solution to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of the entire customer service department.

Respond faster to customers

Gather documents quickly from any source

Increase productivity of remote teams

Achieve friction-free processing

Meet green goals

Streamline document-centric work

Simplify viewing, approval and forwarding of incoming documents

Easily view, approve, and forward documents without the hassle of physical paperwork. Expedite the decision-making process, whether it’s customer inquiries, service requests, or order forms, with a simple approach to viewing and processing incoming documents.

Improve team productivity

Reduce the time and effort required to handle customer inquiries, service requests, or complaints. Retrieve information with ease and enable teams to respond to customer needs more effectively.

Support GDPR and other regulations

Protect document and data security

Ensure that personally identifiable information (PII) is safeguarded with document encryption both during transmission and storage. Mitigate the risk of data breaches and maintain the trust of customers.

Enforce access policies

Define and enforce granular access controls to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive customer documents and data. Demonstrate commitment to compliance with comprehensive audit trails of every document-related action.

Distribute documents quickly to correct individuals and teams

Auto-route based on document information

Automatically assign customer inquiries and associated documents to the appropriate service representatives or teams, ensuring that customer concerns are addressed promptly. Minimize delays and eliminate required manual effort by leveraging intelligent automation.

Provide clear visibility of document ownership and interactions

Easily identify who is responsible for specific customer inquiries or requests. Ensure that no document is left unattended, enhancing accountability and streamlining document-centric workflows.

What our customers say

Customer correspondence and supporting documents now get reliably and quickly to the right team. Ondox helps us triage the most important cases and engage the best people to help.
VP Service Operations
For inbound paper mail and email attachments, Ondox automates document processing and provides digital access to all our teams. That digital transformation helps us respond faster to customers and cut time and cost from operations.
VP Digital Services, Insurance Leader
The Ondox digital mailroom solution has helped us drive digital transformation across the supply chain.
IT Director, Transportation Leader
Ondox has delivered digital transformation to our customer interactions, across multiple use cases and business units.
Transformation, Global Asset Manager
For our highly distributed office network and our large workforce of hybrid and at-home workers, Ondox is an invaluable mail processing and distribution solution.
Director of Facilities and Operations, Telco Leader
Inbound paper-based documents used to slow down the work of many of our teams. Now the Ondox digital mailroom gets documents faster to case team members and we can serve constituents better.
Director of Social Programs, Government Agency
The team behind Ondox worked as an extension of our team from the outset. Their agility, product knowledge, and professional approach were instrumental in achieving our goals.
BPO Client Transformation Executive, SPS Global


Absolutely, a digital mailroom is a valuable asset in managing customer inquiries and requests. It streamlines the intake and processing of customer communications, whether they come in through physical mail or digital channels.

When a customer inquiry or request is received, the digital mailroom automatically routes it to the appropriate customer service representative or department based on predefined rules. This ensures that inquiries are promptly directed to the individuals with the expertise to address them. The solution provides a centralized platform for customer service teams to access and review customer inquiries, facilitating quicker responses and reducing the chances of inquiries getting lost or overlooked.

Overall, a digital mailroom enhances the efficiency of customer service departments by enabling faster response times and more effective management of customer inquiries and requests.

A digital mailroom is instrumental in fortifying the security and privacy of sensitive customer-related documents and data. It employs encryption during both the transmission and storage of documents, thwarting unauthorized access and preserving the confidentiality of customer information.

Robust access controls are automatically enforced, ensuring that only authorized personnel have the ability to view, edit, or share sensitive documents. Detailed audit trails maintain records of all interactions with customer documents, establishing transparency and accountability. By following stringent data protection practices, the digital mailroom mitigates the risk of data breaches or unauthorized disclosures.

This level of document and data security is not only critical for compliance with data privacy regulations but also for earning the trust of customers, who expect their personal information to be handled with the utmost care and diligence.


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