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Case Study

Online Retailer increases customer responsiveness & operational resilience

Online Retailer

Online Retailer operating globally as a marketplace for third-party and proprietary products.


languages supported


types of documents in digital flows


documents processed per year

Operating in multiple countries and languages, this Online Retailer implemented Ondox digital mailroom to digitize, accelerate and track the flow and processing of inbound documents. Invoices, payroll, customer requests, correspondence, and other document types now flow faster into and through the organization. Implemented in multiple countries, go-live in each was achieved in 1-5 days. Results include faster responses to customers, streamlined financial processes, and radical reduction in the flow of paper throughout the business.


  • Streamline document-intensive processes
  • Digitize paper-based flows
  • Improve operational resilience


  • Multi-country solution standardizes business practice
  • Go-live in each country in 1-5 days
  • Invoices, HR & Executive Correspondence, Customer Relations, & other documents


  • Improved financial & HR process efficiency
  • More resilient operations via digital flow of documents
  • Reduced business risk related to legal and customer correspondence

Business Drivers





Even in this highly digital business, the stubborn physical flow of paper persisted widely, reducing responsiveness to customers, and slowing the progress of many business processes.

Initially driven by the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on operations, the retailer implemented the Ondox digital mailroom solution to ensure future operational resilience and agility. Ondox transforms the retailer’s speed of response to customers and the efficiency of multiple business processes. By switching its paper-based mailroom operations to the Ondox digital mailroom solution, the retailer now automates document intake, sorting, digitization, distribution, and processing, enabling greater responsiveness to customers and improved operational resilience.

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