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Case Study

Fortune 500 Bank revolutionizes operations with mailroom consolidation

Fortune 500 Bank

This major banking institution is one of the largest companies in the United States. Providing a range of financial services, products, and tools, the bank serves consumers, small and mid-sized businesses, government agencies, and large institutions across the world.

<30 mins

average time from document scan to first viewing


teams using Ondox


'one-touch' document delivery success rate

The digital transformation of the bank's traditional mailroom processes proves the power of innovative automation in streamlining operations. Prior to implementation, paper-based processes and manual workflows hindered efficiency, obscured transparency, and wasted time and money. Ondox enables the bank to consolidate more than 20 mailrooms into three, promoting consistency and cutting time and effort from mailroom and other operations. Digitizing documents at intake liberated the bank from manual constraints, facilitating a seamless transition to paperless workflows and offering stakeholders real-time insights into document movement.


  • Inconsistent SLAs across 20+ mailroom locations
  • Slow and costly paper-based document processing and flow
  • Lack of transparency in inbound document handling


  • Three mailroom hubs with consistent SLAs serve US workforce
  • Digitization of all documents at intake
  • SOC2 compliant, private cloud-based solution


  • Seamless digitization of all documents into and through the organization
  • Elimination of paper flows beyond mailroom hubs and between offices
  • Rapid reduction in time between document scanning and recipient viewing

Business Drivers





Leveraging a private cloud-based Ondox solution ensured robust security and SOC2 compliance. The bank eliminated inter-office mail transfer expense and inefficiency and achieved an impressive >90% 'one touch' delivery success rate that enhances workflow efficiency.

By embracing digitization, standardization, and transparency, the bank has leveraged Ondox to unlock new levels of efficiency, resilience, and customer-centricity. The bank's digital mailroom transformation quickly delivered tangible benefits. Through newly transparent operations, the bank has also uncovered and addressed additional opportunities for time and expense saving. By taking an agile and iterative approach to transformation the bank has effectively combined innovative automation and pragmatic implementation.

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